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Areas of Study

Below you will find all the subjects we are currently offering assistance in. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are able to personalize a plan that works best for you child!
Reading/Language Arts

Reading and are Language Arts are basic fundamental skills needed for every day life. During our sessions, we will focus on reading, writing and communication skills. In addition, grammar and semantics will also be added into our tutoring curriculum. I will ensure that they are not only reading, but understanding the content of what they are reading.


Science allows your child to explore the world around us and discover new things. It is also an extremely active and hands on subject. Depending  on what curriculum they are studying, we will be able to customize a plan that works best for your child, and of course we do it with a fun twist.


During our writing sessions, we will go based on what they are currently learning while also adding in a few advanced tasks. We will ensure that your child is writing in complete sentences with subject/predicate agreement. We will also be sure they understand how punctuation works with different sentences. Depending on which grades they are in, we will go more in depth with writing activities. 

Social Studies

Social studies is a very exciting subject. Learning about history and events that happened previously is not only important, but very informative and intriguing. We will discuss these events according to the curriculum they are studying as well as more in depth information regarding their studies. 

(Algebra 1&2, Calculus)

I have found this subject to be the hardest on students during these unfortunate times we are in. Here at Lyons Den Learning, students will learn concepts in a more organized way with a fun twist. We will take our time during these session to ensure that they have a full understand of the mathematics curriculum that are currently learning.


Music tutoring will explore the ten essential elements of music,(beat, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, style, rhythm, meter, melody, harmony and form) at different levels. We will ensure your students understands the meanings of the music terms as well as assist with music assignments. This will be an interactive tutoring session.

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