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Still Have Questions? 

Question: I see that LDL is based in Tennessee. Can I still book a session for my child even though we live in a different state? 


Answer: YES! The great thing about LDL being virtual is that we can accept any client no matter where you live. As long as you have an internet connection, you can book a session! 


Question: Is it possible to schedule an in person tutoring session? 


Answer: Mrs. Lyons does occasionally do in person visits. Please contact her via email or phone and she will do her best to accommodate you. 


Question: I have more than one child, can I book a session for both of them at the same time?


Answer: Yes! Please contact me via email or phone prior to booking a session for multiple students. This ensures that I can plan a schedule that will be accommodating for all students. This service does come with an additional fee, and I have a max of 2 students at a time for 60 min sessions. However, if you book a 90 min session the max is 3 students. 


Question: How do I know if LDL is a good fit for my child? 


Answer: I’m so glad you asked this question. I have made it a priority to schedule a 15-minute consultation with ALL parents prior to booking any sessions. This time allows for us to discuss the current curriculum your child is learning as well as gives me an opportunity to explain my process of tutoring/assisting to aid your child in excelling academically.  


Question: I have a child/ren whom are in grades 9-12, do you offer tutoring services for them as well? 


Answer: We do offer services for students that are in grades 9-12. Please contact me prior to scheduling a service so we can get you set up with a great tutor!

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