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Welcome To The Den


My name is Mrs. Destinee Lyons, and I have created Lyons Den Learning because I personally understand we all have been faced with extremely trying times. Unfortunately, these times have put a strain on children’s education.  Whether students are learning virtually or in person with their teachers, my team and I are here to provide the extra help to ensure your child/children's full understanding of their curriculum. We are currently offering services for grades K-8, however; if your child is in a different grade please feel free to contact me as we have additional resources for grades 9-12.

We also provide services for logging on and doing reviews of what they are currently learning, as well as test/exam preparation! Any type of help is welcomed. Please feel free to reach out to schedule a free consultation. We will get a customized plan together that works best for your child! 


I look forward to working with all of you and setting up a roaring quality plan for your acedimically inclined cubs!


Destinee Lyons 

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